What is Parcel Proxy?

Parcel Proxy is a secure, reliable package receiving service that we offer. The Shipping Mill will accept and sign for your parcels on your behalf and you pick them up at our store at your convenience. Our service offers peace of mind knowing that packages are not sitting on your porch in the elements, or attracting unwanted attention from people passing by. Why take a vacation day from work just to sit around all day waiting for that 'Signature Required' package to be delivered - let us be your Parcel Proxy.

Contact us at The Shipping Mill, 920-803-5065 or via email theshippingmill@yahoo.com and we will verify your current contact information. We will also advise you on how to address your parcels so that they will be accepted at our store. If required, we will sign for the parcel on your behalf and then notify you of its arrival. You then stop in our store at your convenience, pay a minimal fee per package and retrieve your parcels.